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3 Things Not To Put Down The Drain

Cooking Fat
– Putting cooking fats down the sink or drain is a common mistake. As soon as it cools it will solidify causing narrowing or at worst a blockage. Don’t be under the misapprehension that using lots of hot water and washing up liquid will somehow dissipate the fat – the correct solution of course is to wait for the fat to solidify, wrap it in newspaper and add it to the rubbish bin.

Cosmetic Wipes
– People often wrongly throw cosmetic wipes and baby wipes into the toilet. The probable reason for this is because they feel thin and flimsy like toilet paper. However, unlike toilet paper they do not breakdown when saturated and remain in one blockage causing piece. Of course, the bathroom bin is the place for these!

– A common cause of blockages in both pipes and drains is human hair. This is a problem that often takes a while to get sufficiently bad to cause slow drainage or a total block. However, because of the way hair binds together and traps other items it is important to always clean plug holes and traps and place any hair balls into the bin.

3 things not to put down the drain

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