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3 Things Not To Put Down The Drain

3 things not to put down the drain

Cooking Fat – Putting cooking fats down the sink or drain is a common mistake. As soon as it cools it will solidify causing narrowing or at worst a blockage. Don’t be under the misapprehension that using lots of hot…

Trapped Fox Cub Rescued From Drain

Trapped fox cub rescued from drain

A fox cub fell down a drain in East Sussex. Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service came to the rescue after the creature was heard scrabbling in the drainage system of a residential property in the area. Rescuers found the cub…

Birmingham Drainage System Overwhelmed By Flood

Birmingham Drainage System Overwhelmed By Flood

In Birmingham the drainage system in Edgbaston was overwhelmed by a flash flood last week, the local water and highways authorities have confirmed. Water running through the system at speed had the power to blow away manhole covers and burst…

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