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Clearing toilet blockages in Birmingham & the West Midlands

Blocked Toilet? Leave it to us! When it comes to toilet unblocking and clearing blocked toilets, Jetdrains has all the necessary expertise & equipment.

If your toilet is emptying slower than usual, almost overflowing when flushing or smelling unpleasant, the chances are you may have a blocked or partially blocked toilet on your hands.

You need to act fast to avoid an emergency. Overflowing sewage poses a serious risk to health and could damage your home. Our 24/7 fast response team are experts in solving your blocked toilet problem, quickly and efficiently. Simply call us on 0800 1182015 to get your toilet flowing freely again.



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    • Toilet unblocking
    • Toilet / drainage pressure jetting
    • 24/7 fast response team
    • Sewer cleaning & clearing
    • Friendly, professional experts
    • Sewer maintenance
    • Birmingham & West Midlands area
    • CCTV sewer inspections

    "Very satisfied customer. We needed a company who could quickly unblock the office toilet – Jet drains were excellent & very reasonably priced too!"

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    If you have a blocked drain in Birmingham or the West Midlands
    Call 0800 118 2015 or 07855 931 506

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