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Sewer services for Birmingham & the West Midlands

Jetdrains are the clear choice for sewer blockages, sewer repairs & sewer maintenance needs .

Your drainage systems need to be maintained to ensure full operational capacity. High pressure water jetting can be used to eliminate built-up scale or fat, silt & debris.We can provide ongoing preventative maintenance programs to keep your sewers & drainage 100% effective.

Pipework can deteriorate over time which can be rectified with open cut excavation and the replacement of defective areas of the pipework. Sewer lining can be carried out as an alternative to open cut excavation for defective sewer pipes; this adds strength to the sewer pipe and makes it watertight. Such methods avoid disruptive excavations and cut down on timescales.



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    • Blocked sewer
    • Rehabilitation & Renovation
    • Sewer Repairs
    • Sewer Relining
    • Sewer Inspections
    • Sewer De-silting
    • Emergency 24 Hour Service
    • Excavation
    • Electro Mechanical Cleaning
    • Tanker Services
    • Fat Buster
    • Pre-Planned Maintenance

    “We have used this company for several years, totally satisfied, always come back if there's a problem, excellent.”

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    If you have a blocked drain in Birmingham or the West Midlands
    Call 0800 118 2015 or 07855 931 506

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